Connect the dots between Design, Manufacturing and Quality Engineering



The TADM System is world’s most advanced tolerance analysis management software. Its approach is a paradigm shift that replaces manual intensive processes.
The TADM System seamlessly integrates all aspects of tolerance analysis- from design to manufacturing to quality engineering. The System manages and automatically updates part-design, actual inspection data, and tolerance analysis results to drastically improve design-process efficiency by connecting dots in between CAD design, manufacturing and quality assurance.

At the core of TADM software is a sophisticated centralized knowledge engine database that holds parts data, complex analysis logic, and information about all tolerance stacks. The system is capable to understand and assimilate inspection data. All the interaction with the TADM system is done via familiar and widely popular Excel interface.

Does this sound familiar to you?

  • Tolerance stacks are a time intensive manual excel task
  • Upkeep of the tolerance analysis is an increasingly time intensive process whenever changes are made to the design
  • Hard to spot design errors upfront within released drawings
  • Verification with inspection data is yet another manual time intensive process

TADM System is the solution.

The TADM System augments engineers by:

  • Eliminating tedious manual hours of creating, maintaining and updating tolerance stacks
  • Keeping track of version changes in part design; and automatically updating the stacks affected by the change
  • Cutting down manufacturing cost for non-critical tolerances
  • Shortening design cycle time with actual inspection data incorporated into the design process
  • Giving the ability to analyze stacks using its what-if scenario modeling, monte-carlo simulation
  • Taking a short-cut in part design cycle with the help of its “virtual” part capability